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Pin only at the Westerschelde Ferry

Pin only bij de Westerschelde Ferry

The Westerschelde Ferry has gone cashless since 1 January 2023, so you will only be able to pay at the terminals at the ticket office and at the ticket machines by debit or credit card.

“We understand that this will take some getting used to for some of our passengers,” explains Wiljan Vloet, director of the Westerschelde Ferry. “But for our service staff and our passengers, it is safer to accept only debit and credit card payments. In addition, we can help our passengers at the checkout faster because the number of operations per transaction is reduced. This is especially important when the terminal gets crowded and the ferry is about to leave.”

In addition to using debit or credit cards, you can also pay contactless with your debit card, smartphone or smartwatch, or buy your ticket in advance through the Westerschelde Ferry webshop. As of 1 January 2023, it will no longer be possible to pay cash at the ticket machines in the terminals either. “We have noticed that people are increasingly buying their tickets online and reserving their places on board. Only 19% of all terminal payments were made with cash recently. If we count the purchases through the web shop as well, only 16% were using cash. This is why we expect the transition to completely cashless to be fairly easy.”

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